How Many Calories Do I Burn on a Recumbent Bike

Best Recumbent Exercise BikeRecumbent bikes have earned a highly-rated reputation on the indoor cycling market due to their unique approach on physical effort in a safe comfortable form. As a result of this advantage, many future buyers stumble upon the idea of a relaxing exerciser that also keeps the muscles working. Doubts and concerns left aside, a recumbent bike workout is guaranteed to provide an accelerated calorie burn, as a result of the many product features involved in its design.

Calories burning will depend of course on several aspects, such as your weight or the distance you reach per hour. In general, a 100-pound user will burn around 3-4 calories per minute at a 5.5 miles per hour workout and if you increase the speed, you will naturally increase the number of burned calories. Burning calories is strictly related to weight loss, therefore, if you engage in a more powerful workout, not only you will tone some muscles, you will also obtain a more sculpted body. A bigger weight will obviously lose a more considerable amount of calories, due to the fact that it requires less energy and thus fewer calories to put a smaller mass into movement rather than a larger one.

Once you’ve checked how much energy does your body lose every minute according to your weight, other than this it is pure mathematics. You can decide upon the period of training session according to its efficiency as multiplying the number of calories burned per minute with the total figure of the workout you will know for how many consumed calories you engage in an exercise program. The final number certainly depends on the changes you will want to implement during workout, as raising the resistance level will bring about even more fulfilling results.

Beginners that involve in a steady state rides are also entitled to a considerable amount of burned calories. Of course, the results won’t be dramatically fulfilling at first, as exercises will be made more for your body to accommodate with the unit. The key to increase in more workout activity is perhaps trying to keep a constant ride without stopping, as you steadily increase resistance and speed. As your resistance strengthens up, you can keep the established pace and concentrate on a zone that makes you challenge yourself.