How to Choose a Recumbent Exercise Bike

Marcy Recumbent Mag CycleIn an effort to prevent the risk of slipping into a more sedentary lifestyle, most people look for the most convenient way to workout, without spending too much money or time. Giving up the idea of making a gym subscription, as it is mainly a waste of time on transportation, users turn to stationary indoor units. It seems that recumbent bikes are the most encountered purchases, generally due to their product features and they’re folding properties.

However, recumbent bikes come in various forms and prices and choosing from this wide range of units mostly depends on what you generally expect from an exerciser. For instance, if you really want to register significant progress in a short amount of time, it would be more suitable for you to purchase a recumbent bike that comes with an advanced digital console. This virtual gadget is normally built in every recumbent unit, as it is vital to know your workout data (distance, speed, heart rate and calories burned) while exercising. Nevertheless, some more advanced stationary bicycles also provide a wide range of preset exercise programs that will surely guarantee you a high-intensity workout.

Another aspect you should take into consideration before buying a recumbent bike is the design of the seat. The form of the saddle is actually the element that mostly differs from one unit to another. If you have a spine sensibility, you will certainly purchase the bicycle that offers the best lower back support. Moreover, if perspiration during workout is really discomforting to you, some recumbent bikes come with a vented seat that would perfectly suit your requirements. However, taller users should pay attention at seat adjustability, as most units don’t provide the necessary level of adjustment for bigger heights. It is important that the bicycle fits your body, in order to prevent future knee or leg sores.

The frame is also a decisional factor that interferes in the purchase of a recumbent bike. Not all recumbent bikes are opened frame, therefore it would be harder for elderly persons, for instance, to get on and off again. Those recumbent units that are opened-frame usually come with additional handlebars that support both mounting on the bike and the body still during workout. The frame should also be sturdy and entirely stabilized on the floor, so that it doesn’t wobble around when you mount the bicycle or when you ride it.