What Muscles Does Recumbent Bike Work?

When it comes to working out, one can choose from a wide range of possibilities, depending on the amount of calories a person wants to burn or the type of muscles one needs to strengthen up. In order to prevent exercising from becoming a burden, recumbent bikes provide user the possibility of entirely work their muscles in the comfort of a specially designed piece of equipment.

Representing a low-stress form of exercise due to its comfort features, a recumbent bike will provide a full workout of the hips, legs and buttock. As back muscles are easier to access, engaging in more frequent workout activities might reach a daily progress as far as toning benefits are concerned. The hip region, for instance, is probably the area that takes the most pressure that intervenes in the cycling movement. For this reason, many recumbent seats are as comfortable as they can get, simply because the use of hips in repetitive motion might cause pains or injuries.

Similar to an out-door bicycle, a recumbent bike also maintains a good workout upon the quadriceps and the hamstrings. Even though stationary units don’t allow pedaling in a standing position as available on mountain bikes while up-hilling, they can as well require other features that improve an outstanding leg muscle workout. For instance, the quadriceps take up all the strength required for the pedaling motion, as they are a thick muscle group. Together with the hamstrings that allow the bending of the knee during rotation, these upper thigh muscles carry out the tension all the way through the lower part of the legs to the feet that push into the pedals.

For those who want to emphasize on working out the abdominal area, the recumbent bike is also a good exerciser that help you strengthen that part of the body. Especially when used in the case of medical purposes, this type of unit is perfect to tone weak abs as it provides at the same time a reliable back support. Therefore, those who suffer from back pains and cannot engage in sport activities that imply brusque movements of their spine will find a convenient alternative in the stationary recumbent bicycle. While pedaling even in intense movements, the back will be stabilized and the abdominal muscles will be put to work as to support this safe vertical position.