Do Recumbent Bikes Work Abs?

Sole Fitness R92One might say that recumbent bikes provide a narrow list of exercise options as they concentrate on pedaling movements, thus leg muscle toning. However, due to the variety of intensities and resistance level available when working out on a recumbent bike, exercising can be rather challenging. Therefore, every muscle of your body will engage in the exercise as to maintain physical effort and support other primary muscles that are fully involved in the process.

Like any other muscle that contributes more or less to a full range recumbent bike workout, the abdominal muscles are also involved in the exercise process. Even though they don’t participate directly in the pedaling motion, they have more of a stabilizing role that ensures an efficient training session. During your exercise process, all the muscles from the waist down work as a team in order to perform pedaling rotations. The tension goes across the leg and into your upper body, where everything should lie still due to a tight abdominal area. Straightening up the abs will ensure an additional back support, as the back constantly tends to curve up forwards. It is true that recumbent bikes don’t provide specially pre-set programs only to workout abdominal muscles, but given the fact that exercises can get rather intense, working out the abs will be a part of an overall muscle toning.