Are Recumbent Bikes Good for Cardio?

Exerpeutic 900XL recumbent bikeThought of as being a cardiovascular machine, a recumbent bike that is properly adjusted to match each individual physical condition and fitness goals will certainly bring about benefits upon muscular tone, as well as cardio system. As most recumbent units come with a built-in cardiologic tracking device implemented in the digital monitoring console, users can easily keep an eye on their heart rate and oversee how their body responds to different levels of workout intensities.

A fulfilling cardio workout has to generate a noticeable result upon the body and this aspect can be achieved throughout a considerable amount of burned calories. As a matter fact, it a true fact that the more muscular fiber you put into movement with the help of accelerating cardio workouts, the more calories you burn, therefore the more improvements you carry out upon your physique. How you decide to plan your workouts is at your personal preference as not all types of exercises programs available are suitable for everyone. As a general approach, high intensity interval training is perceived as being the most effective cardio workout that involves alternating periods of work and rest. The length of the periods of exercise and pause can be adapted to suit a certain workout goal or current fitness level.

Moreover, in order to increase performance in your daily exercises, you can try adjusting the resistance of the pedals. You can do this manually by rotating the resistance knob or, as some recumbent bikes have integrated in their more advanced design, you can simply push a button located on the display console or handle bars. Furthermore, other types of recumbent exercisers already come equipped with digital systems that feature a great variety of built-in workout programs that automatically adjust the resistance according to the work and rest frames. A frequently encountered example of a pre-set workout plan is one that simulates an actual on-road uphill experience, alternating difficult, hard and medium based exercises.

According to the heart rate indicators track down by built-in pulse sensors in handlebars or polar telemetric systems, a normal cardio workout should maintain on an average of 65% of the maximum heart rate. On the contrary, if you want to surpass his level of developing physical endurance and aerobic capacities and get to the next level of performance, you can reach up to a total of 70-80%.