Are Recumbent Bikes Good for Bad Knees?

Knee PainIn an effort to provide the best conditions for a successful training session, recumbent bikes have come forward as far as design and product features are concerned. Not only that they allow users to perform various types of workout programs that vary in intensity and resistance, they also provide a good deal of comfort. This comes as a relief especially for the more elderly costumers or those with back injuries, as recumbent bikes can provide the safety they are looking for.

High-intensity workouts can put pressure upon the joints, of the exercises aren’t correctly completed. However, with the use of a recumbent bike, you can be assured that also low-impact exercises can help you achieve tremendous fitness goals. Differing from an upright bicycle that might solicit the knees due to its vertical position movement, a recumbent bike will certainly be a more secure solution, as a result of its reclined posture. Moreover, given the fact that you can easily set your workout intensity, you can adjust the exercise as to suit your knees’ comfort.

What could pound stress upon your knee joints might be an incorrect adjustment of the seat. For taller users, adapting the seat to their height is recommended in order to perform a full stretch of your leg during workout. This will prevent your knee from crunching and will offer you the comfort of a relaxing training session, without any pains involved. Even shorter users should pay attention as riding only on your toes can produce foot cramps.

Recumbent bikes can offer you the conditions of keeping in shape, regardless of the sensibilities in your joints, but it is up to you how you decide to workout in order to prevent your knees from further injuries.